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Breeding Management

For a per diem of $0.60/cage/day, the LARC Assistant Manager and Breeding Staff will cover the mouse breeding for the lab.

LARC Breeding Staff will:

  • Keep detailed notes and records on patterns and results of breeding
  • Watch animal health and age
  • Provide extra nesting enrichment for breeder females
  • Follow the standards laid out in the approved breeding protocol
  • Pair and separate breeding set ups
  • Wean litters and move them to the correct experimental room
  • Separate weanlings by sex
  • Complete phenotyping that must be done pre-weaning
  • Consult with lab personnel to answer breeding questions
  • Communicate with lab on upcoming weanlings

LARC Breeding Staff will not:

  • Map out breeding colonies with complex genotypes
  • Genotype litters
  • Breed in a way that will increase animal stress, unless scientifically justified in the approved breeding protocol (i.e. monogamous breeding)
  • Guarantee litters from any mice
  • Be held responsible for small litters or random death of adults or pups
  • Be held responsible for anything that is done with the animals after they have been moved to the experimental room
  • Participate in any part of an experimental protocol

Additional Needs:
Additional needs may be considered on a per-protocol basis. Additional tasks may require additional costs; additional costs must be agreed upon by the PI, LARC Manager, and the Director of Research Administration Office (RAO).

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