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Facility Access

How To: Gaining Access to BYU Vivariums

  1. No personnel can be granted BYU Vivarium access without first being approved on an IACUC Protocol. Check with your PI (professor in charge of the research study) to ensure this step has been completed.
  2. Before access is granted, all IACUC required training must be completed. These trainings are through CITI; the trainings you are required to take are specific to your IACUC Protocol. If you need help finding these, ask your PI or your Graduate Student for help. Below are instructions for getting to the trainings.
    • Go to
    • Click “Login”
    • Click “Login through my Institution”
    • Click “Brigham Young University – Provo UT”
    • Sign in with your BYU Net ID and password
    • Click “I don’t have a Citi Program Account and I need to create one” or “Create a New Citi Program Account” (only choose this option if you have a Citi account from other trainings)
    • Look for “Citi Program: Collaborate Institutional Training”
    • Click “Add a Course”
    • Click the square bubble by “Undergrad/Grad Students” and then enroll in the correct courses
    • Complete the trainings
    • Email the IACUC Secretary at and your PI to let her know that you have completed all the trainings for your protocol
  3. After completing the CITI trainings, you will need to complete the BYU Training module for the Vivariums. At the end of the training, an email will be sent to you with your certificate of completion. Do not delete this email. Below are instructions for getting to the Y-Train module.
    • Go to
    • Sign in with your BYU Net ID and password
    • Go to the “Catalogs” tab
    • Click on the search bar on the top right of the screen
    • Search “ABSL” - there should be a training that shows up that is called “ABSL Training”
    • Click “enroll” to enroll yourself in the training
    • Complete the training
    • Forward your certificate, which should come to your email, to or print off your certificate and drop it off at her office.
  4. The last step to gain access to BYU Vivariums is to complete a Vivarium Walkthrough with your PI or one of the designated senior students in your lab. You will need to bring your student ID card with you to this walkthrough. Discuss with your lab where to go and what to wear.
    Update 5/24/2021

How To: Renewing Access to BYU Vivariums

Every year on June 1, all Vivarium users will lose access to the Vivarium. If you are still approved on an IACUC protocol and will be continuing to do research in the lab, you will need to email BYU LARC Management. Send the email to Sarah O’Laughlin at . Below is a template of what to send.

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is ______________ and my BYU student ID number is ______________. I work in Dr. ____________’s lab in the [LSB/KMBL/ESC]. I am approved on Protocol #_________ and will continue to work on this project for the next year. Please renew my access for the BYU Vivarium.

Thank you,

Updated 5/24/2021