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Facility Description

The following provides information regarding the husbandry and Rodent Health Surveillance Program for rodents housed at Brigham Young University’s (BYU) Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) facilities.

All personnel must gown, glove and mask to enter the SPF facility. The entry procedure also includes using an air assist spray hose with Teck Track shoe cleaning flooring, Disposable gowns are used and gloves are sanitized using a Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaner. Rodents are housed in individually ventilated micro-isolator cages (Tecniplast IVC) with autoclaved bedding. Rodents are fed standard rodent chow and water is provided by reverse osmosis system (Edstrom). The micro-isolator cages are changed in a laminar flow hood. Animals are examined and cages are changed weekly.

Health Surveillance Program:
Currently rodent colonies are individually tested using pooled PCR or PCR environmental testing. Comprehensive environmental PCR testing is performed annually and individual colony testing is performed twice during the year or as needed. Animals from non-approved vendors are quarantined and PCR tested for prevalent pathogens prior to placement into the facility. Health surveillance testing is performed by Charles River Laboratories.

Disease Status:
Helicobacter sp, P. pneumotropica and Murine Norovirus have been detected in some colonies within BYU SPF Facilities.  Most of our colonies are free of MNV at this time due to a vigorous fostering program.

Contact the University Veterinarian for facility or specific colony testing results.
Sandra Garrett, DVM

Updated: 8/11/2020