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Approved Animal Vendors

See “Import/Export” page for animals coming from a different university.
Other vendors may be approved by the University Veterinarian on a case-by-case basis.

  1. The Jackson Laboratory (Jax)
    2. Jax only has mice available currently
    3. You can search for mice you need by:
      • Strain
      • Stock Number
      • Gene
      • Allele
      • Synonyms
    4. Preferred mouse vendor
  2. Charles River Laboratory (CRiver)
    2. CRiver currently carries:
      • Mice
      • Rats
      • Hamsters
      • Gerbils
      • Guinea Pigs
      • Rabbits
    3. You can search for animals through a wide range of characteristics, including therapeutic area.
    4. Preferred rat vendor